Serious problem. Copy large data to samba, crash the linux.

Bill Moran wmoran at
Tue Oct 30 05:13:03 GMT 2001

LouisVoo wrote:
>     Yesterday I was copied a lot of files (some files size is >50mb) to
> samba server, and suddenly the samba system halt.  I can't remote login to
> shutdown as well, so what I can do is press the reset button.  My partition
> became not clearly unmount, and the fsck delete so many note..... Finally I
> reinstall my linux.
>     Is this a problem in samba?  I'm using redhat 7.1, and plan to install
> 7.2 to use the ext3 file system.

Tough to tell, since you don't say what version of samba you're using.

I've been using Samba versions 2.0.x and 2.2.x for over a year and have
never seen it lock up FreeBSD.  In fact, I've never had any real trouble
at all with it.  I've done some huge copy operations to/from these servers
in that time.

I do seem to remember someone else complaining of a similar problem with
Samba running on RedHat.  You may want to check the list archives.

Bill Moran
Potential Technology

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