samba will not work for me... :/

Unix Rookie unixrookie at
Tue Oct 30 04:10:03 GMT 2001

I've had this problem since FreeBSD 4.3.  This problem continues with my
FreeBSD 4.4 machine.

I can't connect from my Win98se and Win2kPro machines to my FreeBSD 4.4 Samba

I've tried it all... but still no luck.

I've run smbd and nmbd manually with the "-D" parameter.  I can connect
internally from my FreeBSD 4.4 box using "./smbclient //(hostname)/test"

However, when I try to map "\\(hostname)\test" using Explorer... nothing

I've also tried "net view \\(hostname)\test" under the dos prompt... but again
I get nothing.

When I run "testparm" everything seems to work out.

I've followed the directions from both Sam's "Samaba Unleashed" and the O'Reily
book... but to no avail.

Can anyone please help me getting samba to work with my Win machines?  This has
become extremely frustrating.


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