twice delete a directory before it really is deleted

Edmund Lam epl at
Mon Oct 29 19:51:03 GMT 2001

On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> I just tested this against a Samba mounted drive on W2K SP2 and on a
> local drive on W2K SP2. Exporer behaved identially (ie. it refused to
> remove the directory as the file is in use).
Just making sure that we're clear of the bug. This is when there is an
open "directory" within another "directory".


FolderB is a subdirectory of FolderA. I get the behaviour you described
when an attempt is made to delete an opened file within FolderA, but that
isn't the bug I'm describing.

I've tried it with W2K client with the following shares/disk
Samba-2.0.10 share
Samba-2.2.2 share
Windows NT share
Windows2000 local disk

and the only case where Windows2000 complains is with Samba-2.2.2



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