help: why are my shares read only when they should be writable?

Storm Jumper stormjumper at
Sun Oct 28 22:40:03 GMT 2001


i'm running samba 2.2.2 on Linux 2.4.10.
i have 3 other pc's on the network, all running win98.

so there is LINUX, WIN1, WIN2 and WIN3.

the problem is that some of my shares are not writeable,
but they read perfectly, both locally using smbclient,
as well as from all the win98 clients.

i noticed that all of the problematic shares
are mounted from FAT partitions on LINUX, 
which is a dual-booting machine with win98 in other partitions.
these partitions are mounted at boot time with mount -a,
and i have no problems writing to them outside samba.

hope someone can help me troubleshoot,
or direct me to some relevant information

i also attached my smb.conf.

thanks in advance.

#start smb.conf
  workgroup = GROUP
  encrypt passwords = yes

    comment = User Home Directories
    # no anonymous access, actually guest ok = no is default behaviour
    guest ok = no
    writeable = yes
    comment = C:
    guest ok = no
    path = /98_core
    writeable = yes
    comment = D:
    path = /DATA
    writeable = yes
#end smb.conf

my email address is stormjumper at myrealbox dot com
pls remove the unnecessary bits from the reply address
i apologise for the inconvenience

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