FW: twice delete a directory before it really is deleted

Edmund Lam epl at unimelb.edu.au
Sun Oct 28 16:05:03 GMT 2001


On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, Martin Stuij wrote:

> I have tested but it doesn't work
> oplocks = no doesn't solve the problem.
   I have strong reason to believe that the oplocks bug is unrelated to
the bug you're experiencing. The problem described by Edward was when
deleting files server-side not being reflected client-side. Your problems,
seems to be that W2K cannot recursively delete directories in certain

> But it's very strange. When I delete a directory on the right side it works
> direct!
> BTW I use Windows 2000 Prof
   Can you please try the following tests for me?

1) If you have a copy of Win9x, WinME or WinNT, can you repeat the test
with those clients. My tests indicates that it is W2K-specific.

2) Can you narrow down the bug by doing the following.
- Create a "FolderA" and open it up in a normal view (ie without the
  tree-like pane).
- Under "FolderA", create a subdirectory called "FolderB". Also open up
- Try to delete "FolderA" anyway you wish. It should fail and give an
  error message. However, "FolderB" will be deleted.
- If you repeat the test with "FolderB" closed, you should be able to
  delete "FolderA"



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