tdb_delete failed error, please help

William Hsiao wlhsiao at
Sun Oct 28 15:29:23 GMT 2001

  I recently installed RedHat 7.2 and after I tried to
setup samba (using the RPMs came with the
distribution) I get the following error in the
smbd.log file:
yield_connection: tdb_delete failed with error Record
does not exist.
smbd and nmbd seem to run fine, and I can see the
linux box from "My Network Places" in Windows (2000
server) but when I try to access the shares by
clicking the icon, I get "\\sambaserver is not
accessible.  The network path was not found"
I am quite new to Linux and Samba, and doesn't know
what might have cause the problem.  I use SWAT to
configure Samba.  If anyone can help, greatly


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