YASNPP - [Yet Another Stupid Newbie Printing Problem]

Joel Hammer jhammer2 at home.com
Sun Oct 28 06:19:03 GMT 2001

Just reading about this software again. It looks like it CAN'T use
windows printer drivers to print postscript files. So, forget that idea.
Of course, if you have got a postscript filter attached to your windows box,
then it would work.

> purpose, but, basically, it allows windows to print postscript files to its
> printers, using those lovely windows printer drivers, not the awful, sorta
> work,  print filters you get with linux. It even has a queue arrangement so
> you just have to put your linux generated postscript files into the queue
> directory, and the software takes over. I haven't sunk to that yet, but that
> is an alternative to this bother.

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