Samba dropping PoPToP?

Michael D mduran at
Sat Oct 27 22:05:02 GMT 2001

Hello to all,
I often work from my home office where I telecommute into the my "Real"
office via a DSL line and VPN server running PoPToP.  It's great and haven't
had any real problems to complain about until recently...after making a
connection to our Samba file server via our PoPToP server, I copied a set of
files from my client (win98) back to the Samba box without any problems.
The set of files were approx. 4-5 files ea. about 80kb in size. I then
disconnected, no problems.

The following day, I was able to make the connection to the LAN again via
the PoPToP server, but I was NO longer able to make a connection to the
Samba file server box.  The Win 98 client just gives some stupid error
"cannot connect to server...", which is BS because I've been able to get-on
for the past 4 months, no problems.

So now, My win98 client can successfully make a connection to our PoPToP
server, get onto our internal LAN, see and ping the network and its internal
IPs, but not able to make a connection to our file server, running Samba.

I see quite a few of the following lines from the clients .smb log files;

  read_socket_data: recv failure for 4. Error = No route to host

  oplock_break: receive_smb timed out after 30 seconds.

  oplock_break: client failure in oplock break in

If anyone can help, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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