herentrey at mobilsoft.de herentrey at mobilsoft.de
Sat Oct 27 09:40:12 GMT 2001


i tested the program on NT4 Client, WIN2000 Client  and WIN98. The time for
the statistic is on NT4 and
WIN2000 always the same. There are no different in time and in the TCP/IP
Packages. Only with WIN98.
This is the test smb.conf
; /etc/smb.conf
  workgroup = Arbeitsgruppe
  encrypt passwords = yes
  null passwords = yes
  username level = 3
 read raw = yes
 write raw = yes
dead time = 0
log level = 0
os level = 2
oplocks = yes
getwd cache = yes
large readwrite = yes

  comment = mal sehen
  path = /roweld/daten
  veto oplock files = /*.dbf/*.mdx/*.dbt/

  browseable = yes
  read only = no
  public = yes
  guest ok = yes
  writeable = yes
  create mode = 755

  path = /usr/spool/public
  printable = true
  guest ok = true
  guest account = pcguest

The problem, or the big question is: why send samba only one NBSS
Continuation Message
after a SMBReadBraw after the program had write a data into the DBF. If the
program has not write
data into the DBF, samba send three NBSS Continuation Messages after a
NT workstation and WIN2000 workstation has always the same sequence in the
protocol. There are no
different, even the program had write a data into the DBF.
With ethereal you can see it very good.

Thank's a lot
David, Alexei, Doug

 A. Herentrey

herentrey at mobilsoft.de

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