print server and windows 95/98

Fri Oct 26 10:23:04 GMT 2001

Ok now what kind of print filter do you have installed.  
What Is your printers Job Control Language (Postscript or PCL) .

If you have default setup the x-windows programs I've seen output postscript
so your printer may be postscript, but this was the default config in redhat 6.2

What you need to do is install the print drivers on the client machines
and have the server perform no filtering on the input it receives.

You can do this by changing the if=xxx line 
in /etc/printcap.  ( Assuming your system uses BSD/lpd printing )

If you see the image sort of printed 3 times in rapid succession
it means that you have a B&W printer that is receiving Color ouput
and you need to change driver setting on windows machines to output only b&w

I had a lexmark printer with a proprietary Job Control Language and I had to 
retrieve a custom print filter from the net.  Then I had to go into the source and 
allow only 1 sweep of (yellow or cyan I think) of one color so I could print since lexmark didn't provide it's windows
drivers to print only B&W over the network only color my jobs were printing 3x on the same paper.  I 
recompiled the filter and it worked perfectly although it was supposed to run a little slower.

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