Alexei Takaseev taf at utaf.ilim.ru
Fri Oct 26 07:47:04 GMT 2001

On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, David M . Stowell wrote:

> <shameless plug>
> Are you still using dBase III? Consider that dBase has been considered
> buggy and slow for at least the decade that I've been working with xBase
> files. You might consider moving your application to FoxPro if you want
> more speed, not to mention other advantages...
> </shameless plug - from a veteran FoxPro programmer>

It is wonderful! Then to you as to veteran FoxPro, I want to address with
the request: show the adjustments locks for work with FoxPro. And that is
impossible to me plainly anything - or terrible brakes because of blocking
files with the data someone from clients, or infringement of indexes, or,
in the heaviest cases, destruction of integrity dbf.

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