Samba newbie question.

Sheldon, Steven E (Steven) sesheldon at
Fri Oct 26 07:42:06 GMT 2001

Hi all!

I am a new admin taking over a Sun box that is running Samba to allow NT 4.0
users to access directories on the Unix box.

I recall there being a file that, if I recall correctly, equates NT domain
user names with local Unix login names.  What/where is that file?

The reason I need to know is this:

I have a new NT 4.0 user that I need to map a Unix share to.  I can right
click on My Computer, click "Map Network Drive", find the Unix box running
Samba, and I can click on the share.

When I do, it asks who to connect as (name, password).  If I just hit "OK"
it says invalid account for "".  However, if I supply MY domain
name/password it maps the share just fine.

Thus I suspect this user is unknown to the Unix box - I suspect I need to
set up an account for him on the Sun box and then let Samba know too.  Is
this right?

Steven E. Sheldon
CAD Administrator
Lucent Technologies
Atlanta Facility
sesheldon at

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