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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Fri Oct 26 06:18:17 GMT 2001

Edward Dekkers wrote:
> > to the pam library.  While this *may* have been quieted down in more
> > recent versions (by telling PAM not to log) the basic problem can only
> > be resolved with 'encrypt passwords = yes'.
> Well, Andrew, you've just helped me out more than you know. I'd been
> searching for ages, but I had no idea simply using encrypted passwords would
> actually fix this (what you mentioned I did suspect about the password case
> thing). I have to admit I'd never set up encrypted passwords because 5 years
> ago, when I first started playing with Linux, it looked very hard (as you
> can understand - a newbie skips the hard stuff). I've simply carried the
> legacy on to each new version. It's time I learned about the passwords. So
> if you would be so kind:

Not a problem, 

> 1> Do you know if a simple step-by-step doc exists on how to set up
> encrypted passwords? I know about the above setting, and that seems quite
> easy, but then I would also like to AUTOMATICALLY 'sync' Linux to Samba
> passwords (from memory this isn't automatic and needs to be scripted?).

'update encrypted' is the setting, it takes the plaintext password
(checked with PAM or the like) and places it into the encrypted password

Also look at the pam_smbpass PAM modules, that will allow a similar
thing for normal logins, and for pam based password changes.

> 2> If Samba is finally set up to use encrypted passwords, will all current
> clients break, or will they keep logging in un-encrypted until I re-set the
> registry on those clients?

The registry key is 'allow clear-text passwords', windows will always
send encrypted passwords where negoticated.
> Thanks for your help. If only google told me that I wouldn't have bothered
> you.

Not a worry.  I'll try to make the error message more useful some day.

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