twice delete a directory before it really is deleted

Edward Dekkers edward at
Fri Oct 26 05:09:05 GMT 2001

> I've also had difficulty getting W98 to see updated versions of files when
> the modifications have originated at other smb clients or the Linux
> I put it down to newbieness infecting a config somewhere, and added it to
> long list of such issues which are steadily evaporating as the newbieness
> fades.  But maybe this one's real?

Yep, yep yep hang on. I think I have a related problem that I dumped by the
wayside a long time ago because I just couldn't get it to work.

I had a diald monitoring program logging into a straight text file on a
/home/shared public share from within Linux. The idea was that Winblows
clients would poll this text file, updating it every so often within windows
memory to show latest throughput statistics. The logging was working
perfectly. I could easily 'tail-f' the file and see it grow for testing
purposes on the Linux box. However the Winbloze clients would load the file
correctly always first thing in the morning. I had set the logger to pass
values into the text file at one minute intervals, and I set the clients up
to parse the text file every 10 or so (a refresh basically). In code on the
clients this was done as such every 10 minutes:

1> Open the text file.
2> Parse statistics
3> Close the text file

and after a while of fighting with it I even did:

4> Drop any file handles etc.

Just to try to get it to work. No go. The file would not re-load WITH the
new information. It would always re-load (bad terminology - it obviously
didn't really re-load but you get the picture) the file as it was first
thing in the morning. No matter how much more info was supposed to be in it.
I dumped the project with a 'too hard' sticker on it.

I was a newbie at the time too. Maybe it wasn't my fault?

What am I missing? Is there a real problem?

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