Spool filename changing!

Eelco Vriezekolk eelco at nexus.com.na
Fri Oct 26 05:01:06 GMT 2001


I have not seen a follow-up to this post. I, too, find this silly and 
annoying. If anyone has managed to solve this problem, can she please 
enlighten the rest of us?

If the problem is fundamental to Samba, could one of the developers please 
tell us how fundamental it really is, and if there is any hope of this ever 
beeing fixed?


Daniel William Schultz wrote:

> [root at eduteclinux /root]# lpq
> 2      root at eduteclinux+437         A   437 smbprn.XXXX ...
> It would be all ok, but my boss asked me to change the smbprn.XXX to
> the original filename, like mydoc.prn.

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