twice delete a directory before it really is deleted

Chris Cowsley chris.cowsley at
Fri Oct 26 03:39:04 GMT 2001

I've seem something similar on W98SE, but in my case windows could still see
the file after root had deleted it at the Linux console.

I've also had difficulty getting W98 to see updated versions of files when
the modifications have originated at other smb clients or the Linux console.

I put it down to newbieness infecting a config somewhere, and added it to a
long list of such issues which are steadily evaporating as the newbieness
fades.  But maybe this one's real?


Samba 2.0.10 on SuSE 6.4

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> On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Martin Stuij wrote:
> > But I noticed an other strange thing.
> >
> > I've upgraded samba from 2.0.7 > 2.2.2
> >
> > But when I have made a directory in windows and I delete that directory
> > the left side of the windows explorer, it will not delete. When I do
> > twice it is deleted.
> >
> > When I delete the directory at the right side of the windows explorer,
> > is no problem.
> >
> > When I use samba 2.0.7 it works also every time.
> >
> > What do I wrong in the conf of samba 2.2.2 or is it a bug?
> >
>    I believe I've seen this bug too. However, I have a different
> interpretation of why it happens. I've submitted a bug report at the
> following
>    I believe this bug occurs when you try to delete a directory which has
> opened subdirectories. Furthermore, it only occurs on Windows 2000 on
> Samba-2.2.x. I've tested Samba-2.0.10 and it doesn't seem to have this
> bug.
>    Can you confirm that this bug only occurs with W2K clients please? Can
> you also confirm that it isn't with Windows Explorer per sec, but with
> opened subdirectories?
> Thanks
> Eddie
> PS Does anybody know where old versions of Samba source kept. I had
> difficulty tracking down old pristine releases of Samba.
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