David M . Stowell dmstowell at ameritech.net
Fri Oct 26 03:17:40 GMT 2001

On 2001.10.26 04:37 herentrey at mobilsoft.de wrote:
> I have a speed-problem with dBase-files on samba 2.2.1.a. I start the
> program to get a statistic about
> clients. The program read only from the file "rstamm.dbf". After 40 sec. 
> the
> statistic is ready. The program
> close the file "rstamm.dbf". Then the program write into the file
> "rstamm.dbf" and delete some datasets. After that the thame statistic 
> need
> 130 sec. to be ready.
> I looked with ethereal into the packets. After writing into
> the file "rstamm.dbf" there are only one NBSS Continuation Message after
> SMBReadBraw
> Request WIN98-linux. Befor writing into the file "rstamm.dbf" there are 3
> NBSS Continuation Message
> So the speed is very slow, bcause every  NBSS Continuation Message get a 
> Request.
> Can you help.

<shameless plug>
Are you still using dBase III? Consider that dBase has been considered 
buggy and slow for at least the decade that I've been working with xBase 
files. You might consider moving your application to FoxPro if you want 
more speed, not to mention other advantages...
</shameless plug - from a veteran FoxPro programmer>

> smb.conf
>  read raw = yes
> write raw = yes
> dead time = 0
> log level = 0
> os level = 2
> oplocks = yes
> getwd cache = yes
> large readwrite = yes

Is this the entirety of your smb.conf file? You should go back and look at 
the documentation for this file to see how it's constructed, as I don't 
think this will work very well, if at all.

David M. Stowell
<dmstowell at ameritech.net>

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