smbmount - failed to load nls ´850´

Heiko Schulz bh.schulz at
Fri Oct 26 00:21:12 GMT 2001


i have the following problem. I want to make the backup´s from our NT4 servers with rsync. When I mount (mount -t smbfs -o iocharset=iso8859-1 ..)
I get the following message in syslog:

modprobe : Can´t locate module nls_850
smbfs : failed to load nls ´850´

This seems to be the problem, because on the backup I will loose all GERMAN special characters in the directory/file names. On the Suse CD I have not found a file like ´nls´ !
Can anybody say, what is wrong.
The system is Suse 7.2 with all patches, Samba 2.2.0.



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