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Rashkae git at
Thu Oct 25 21:58:02 GMT 2001

Well, let's see if I can beat the hundreds of other people to answer this

You don't have to do anyhting to transfer the file well. It tranfered
perfectly as is. Unfortunately, Windows Text file format is a little
different from Unix Text File. Each line in a Unix text file ends in LF
Each line in Windows text file ends in LF/CR  The extra CR is displayed as
a ^M character.  If your going to be using the file in Unix, (and only
unix) there are various utilities that will convert dos text files and
back again.. If, however, the file will remain on a Samba share for other
Windows boxes to use, it should be left as is.

On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Edwin Villlalta wrote:

> When I copy a file prueba.sql of Windows to UNIX via samba, when opening it in UNIX at the end of each line it is with a ^M, that parameter is necessary to activate or to use so that it is transferred well?
> Thanks.

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