Authentication Failure

Edward Dekkers edward at
Thu Oct 25 20:05:04 GMT 2001

> to the pam library.  While this *may* have been quieted down in more
> recent versions (by telling PAM not to log) the basic problem can only
> be resolved with 'encrypt passwords = yes'.

Well, Andrew, you've just helped me out more than you know. I'd been
searching for ages, but I had no idea simply using encrypted passwords would
actually fix this (what you mentioned I did suspect about the password case
thing). I have to admit I'd never set up encrypted passwords because 5 years
ago, when I first started playing with Linux, it looked very hard (as you
can understand - a newbie skips the hard stuff). I've simply carried the
legacy on to each new version. It's time I learned about the passwords. So
if you would be so kind:

1> Do you know if a simple step-by-step doc exists on how to set up
encrypted passwords? I know about the above setting, and that seems quite
easy, but then I would also like to AUTOMATICALLY 'sync' Linux to Samba
passwords (from memory this isn't automatic and needs to be scripted?).
2> If Samba is finally set up to use encrypted passwords, will all current
clients break, or will they keep logging in un-encrypted until I re-set the
registry on those clients?

Thanks for your help. If only google told me that I wouldn't have bothered

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