Tech support request (an odd one)

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Thu Oct 25 15:04:08 GMT 2001

On Wed, 24 Oct 2001, Greg Louis wrote:

> Egg-all-over-face apology: the above is what I was told but today I was
> able to try it for myself and it's not saving that doesn't work.  All
> operations on existing files work fine, but new ones can't be created:
> When one clicks "save as" and attempts to open (browse to) the drive to
> which the home share is mapped, the computer responds that that drive
> letter is invalid or that one has no access to that folder.  Any other
> share than Homes can be accessed normally.  This problem is not
> encountered if the OS is Windows 98 or if the Office version is 97, nor
> is it encountered with any non-Microsoft software we have tried.  It
> makes no difference whether the home share has or has not the
> Browseable option.
> > [homes]
> >         path = /fs/u/%S
> >         read only = No
> >         veto files = /.*/Desktop/
> >         browseable = No
> >         delete readonly = Yes
> >         dos filemode = Yes

I would guess that it is this path statement.  Try using
"path = /fs/u/%U".  This will give a little bit different
behavior than what you have, but I would guess it has to
do with some of the variable substituion bugs in 2.2.2.

cheers, jerry
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