samba on Tru64 clusters "in_multi"

Todd Acheson acheson at
Thu Oct 25 13:36:02 GMT 2001

I run compaq Tru64 5.x clusters in my production environment and I can find 
no discussion anywhere about whether it is safe to run samba on a tru64 
cluster "in_multi".  "in_multi" is the tru64 technique that allows an 
application to run on multiple cluster members, all sharing the same 
Cluster File System (CFS) image. Incoming connections are load balanced 
between the cluster members.  I run many unaltered applications this way 
including sendmail, web servers etc.  Usually Cluster Dependent Symbolic 
Links (CDSL) are used to provide for unique log files for each cluster 

Potential problems would surface with shared writable files where locking 
or concurrency controls weren't in place.

Anyone done this or have an opinion??

Todd Acheson
UNIX Systems Manager
Ohio University

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