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Eric Evans eje4 at
Thu Oct 25 12:55:03 GMT 2001


I just recently set up samba for the first time in our lab, and the file 
sharing is working fine but unfortunately I can't get the network printing 
to work.  I'm sure there must be some minor detail that I am overlooking 
but I just can't see it.  I've set up a PC to print to the network printer 
\\PLEIADES\hp_1, where PLEIADES is our samba server.  I can verify that 
when I try to print from the PC, it does indeed execute the command that 
I've specified in my "print command" in smb.conf.  The problem is that the 
file to be printed never shows up in the spooling directory, and so lp 
complains that it can't find the file.  The spooling directory has 
permissions set so that anybody can write to it.  So why is the file not 
getting from the PC to the spooling directory on the server?  The samba log 
file shows no error messages.

One thing I noticed that bothers me: The Using Samba book by Eckstein et al 
says that the value of %s is the full pathname of the file to be 
printed.  But when I check the actual value of %s being used in our print 
tests, it is not a full pathname.  It only contains the name of the actual 
file and omits the path of the file.  Why is this?  Is Eckstein wrong, or 
is there some configuration option that is preventing the full pathnames 
from being used (listing of smb.conf is at the end of this message)?

If anybody has any suggestions about how to fix this problem, I would 
greatly appreciate hearing them.

Thanks very much....
Eric Evans, Cornell Phonetics Lab

         workgroup = Plab
         socket address =
         socket options = TCP_NODELAY
         invalid users = root bin daemon adm sync shutdown halt mail news uucp
         hosts deny = ALL EXCEPT localhost 128.253.71.
         max log size = 100
         security = user
         encrypt passwords = yes

         print command = /bin/lp -d%p -s %s
         printer = hp_1
         printing = SYSV

         browseable = no
         read only = no
         writeable = yes
         guest ok = no

         path = /var/spool/samba
         printable = yes
         writeable = no
         read only = yes
         postscript = yes

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