smbd fault

Thu Oct 25 10:43:08 GMT 2001

I don't know here are some more clues.

the wp_lock = 000000002 seems to be to be a semaphore so you may have a race condition.  Nevertheless  the fault
occurred in the kernel under the smbd process with trap 12, which is probably a fault

DPL=0 means that the segment descriptors priledge was 0 so this did not fault
while in a system call ( DPL = 3 ), but I believe the DPL numbers are the same
for BSD and Linux, I don't know if they are the same.  So it's probably not in a system
call the interrupt enabled flag tells me that it was not in an interrupt handler.

So it's likely it's in BSD's equivalent of bottom halves or Tasklets.
Aah the fault virtualaddr = 0x154 indicates it was trying to write to userspace
that had been swapped out maybe.

Check your smbfs module ( or bsd equivalent ) is bug free which is should be.
It likely was writing data from the network to the user space of the smbd process

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