Very slow performance after installing RAID controllers

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Thu Oct 25 09:56:10 GMT 2001

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Subject: Re: Very slow performance after installing RAID controllers

> I think you're posting to the wrong list ... you changed HW and OS and
> you blame samba for network problems?

(sigh)  I don't "blame" Samba at all.  I just know that this list membership
has a lot more experience than I do, and I hoped that someone might have

> Yes, but if you FTP/scp or do any other kind of _network_ copying (other
> than through samba) how does the performance look?  If it looks as crappy
> as the samba performance, then you need to look at your network config
> before bothering with samba.

ftp is also sporadic.

> You may be tweaking the wrong knobs.

OK, so what do you recommend?

> New hardware that conflicts with your network card?  New OS that with
> drivers for your network card?  I think these would be more likely
suspects at
> this point than samba.

I checked /proc/interrupts, /proc/ioports, and /proc/iomeme - no conflicts

> Do some transfer tests with ftp and/or scp or any other network traffic
> than samba) and see if the performance is up to what you expect.  If it
> match the crappy samba performance, then you may have a samba problem.
> But all network traffic is slow, you'll want to check interrupts, ifconfig
and even
> wiring.

I have already swapped out network cables and changed ports on the switch.
I have also rearranged the SCSI cables.  Nothing seems to work.  I have a
gut feeling that the network card driver is flakey.  But, I have recompiled
three versions of the Linux kernel, with the NIC driver compiled as a module
and directly in the kernel and it hasn't changed anything.

Any further insight appreciated.


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