Text File Busy, Samba Locking?

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at hp.com
Thu Oct 25 09:04:05 GMT 2001

Hello tyler,
it probably IS an oplock issue; the whole textfile busy thing indicates that
apache thinks the file is still open;
when a windows client gets an oplock on a file when it opens it, I have
observed that the windows client
does NOT send an smbclose on that file, even after the application that had
it open is exited.  So you could
probably resolve this by setting oplocks = no on the share where you are
editing these files with textPad.
Or, if textpad has a unique extention for the files it works on, you could
specify veto oplocks (see man page on
smb.conf for format).... for that extension on that share...
Hope this helps,

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I have searched google for a while and have not resolved this issue.
I am using win98/TextPad 4.0 on a client modifying CGI Scripts in Perl
I open up scripts and make changes then close them via Samba, but when
someone requests
the cgi scripts Apache responds with an Error.  When I run the script from
bash it replys text file busy.
It turns out the there are 2 hacks:  um-mount and re-mount the my samba
share or rename the file and rename it back
again to the original.  I was looking at google and everyone else said the
same thing I did, but noyone knew how to permanently
resolve this issue.  Some said it might be related to opportunistic locks.
I wonder if it is my editor which is giving my
trouble TextPad 4.0.  Has anyone had any problems like this.  How can I
permanently resolve this.

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