A quiet Samba ??

Bill Moran wmoran at iowna.com
Thu Oct 25 08:32:03 GMT 2001

On Thursday 25 October 2001 10:58, Bill Schoolcraft wrote:

> Our sysadmin at work demands that no one have any Samba projects
> other than the single one on our network due to the "NOISE" that is
> emitted by Samba.

First off, understand that your sysadmin is a dolt.  I've spent way too
much time in front of packet sniffers, and samba doesn't generate any
more "noise" than windows.
Depending on your situation in the company, you may not want to get
in an argument over that point.  It's very easy to prove.  Run tcpdump
for a period of time, saving the output into a file.  Then anaylize the
broadcast transmissions and compare the number generated by
windows machines to the amount generated by samba machines.

> Can I still use the current 2.2.2 with my little test setup and not
> fall prey to the order to "cease and desist" Samba ?

You should be able to make the samba server _very_ quiet by
simply disabling nmbd.  This will force you to connect to the samba
server via IP address and will cause it to now show up in any browse
lists any more.  Depending on what sort of tests your running, it may
cause certain things to stop working.
I'm guessing the "noise" he is talking about is standard browse list
announcements, etc.  These are all done my nmbd and will stop if
nmdb is disabled.

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