moving samba driver config files to backup server...

Paul Sanders sanders_p at
Thu Oct 25 08:17:02 GMT 2001

I am having difficulty in my attempt to copy samba tdb files to a backup server
for failover purposes.  I am currently doing this manually but would like to
eventually use rsync...

The problem is that when i copy the various /samba/var/locks/*.tdb files to the
faliover server the driver information is not available when the backup takes
over - any attempt to dl drivers from the second server fail - checking
properties on the printer via NT shows no drivers available.  I can re-add the
drivers and everything proceeds normally.  Once this is done there are no
problems with swithcing between the two servers.

My ? is:

Which tdb's and/or other files are needed to successfully port a server
configuration to a second server for failover purposes [which require all
drivers to be available as soon as the failover is complete..] ?

I am currently copying:
     /samba/printers/*       [the drivers]
     and others [printcap, smb.conf, hosts, smbpass, ....]

file permissions are preserved...

the drivers are the big deal right now.  Anyone have suggestions?

any and all input is apprectiated.

BTW:  Samba 2.2.3-pre w/o winbind on RH-VALE 6.2.4


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