Winbindd as deamon or in debug mode is a BIG difference ?!?

Scheufen Stephan S.Scheufen at
Thu Oct 25 08:04:26 GMT 2001

Hello Folks,

i discovered the following...
i do as root:
root:# cd /usr/local/samba/bin
root:# ./winbindd
root:# ./wbinfo -u
......error looking up domain users.....

if i do as root:
root:# cd /usr/local/samba/bin
root:# ./winbindd -d 5 -i
root:# ./wbinfo -u
...i get the complete list!!....

but i want to use the Winbindd as deamon in the background...
What should i do??
has somebody a idea and can help me?

(I´m running on a SuSE7.2)
(Sorry that i´ve send to both lists...i´ve no idea which is the correct


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