Solaris compiler environment trampled by GNUs

pkg PBE-SIT perkjetil.grotnes at
Thu Oct 25 06:11:03 GMT 2001

Thank you for the suggestion.

I have gotten most of the binary versions from that site.   I guess what I am asking is what do I 
need 'extra' to compile GCC from source other than a binary version of GCC.  

Do I need som extra libraries or support tools?  I know one should have GNU as, ld and 
make.  'as' and 'ld' comes with the binary install, and gnu make is easy to get hold of.  

But do I need some 'package', libraries or includefiles or somesuch which GCC need to 

Per Kjetil Grotnes

> Useful if you don't need to compile for a specifik function.
> //Robert
> pkg PBE-SIT wrote:
> > 
> > (short version: I need references for howto setup a compiler environment for
> > samba/gcc for solaris 2.6)

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