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Hi Tony,

a simple approach will be to configure both NICs and configure Samba to use
both cards. DNS can be used to assign IP addresse of both NICs to one host
name. If one NIC fails the other one will still be running.

Another one could be a little script which is run by cron and tries to ping
another machine in the LAN or ping the default router. If the ping fails it
can make a second ping to make sure it's not that one IP device down. If the
second ping fails too, the script can unconfigure the first NIC and bring up
the second NIC.
My 2c.

Kind regards,

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    If samba is on a server with two NIC cards, can samb.conf be
configured to use the other NIC if one goes down? Can this be done at
the server level? Or does this have to me dealt with at the network
level (i.e. load balance)?

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