attention to those running ZONEALARM on windows and using samba

tek1 tek1 at
Wed Oct 24 19:27:02 GMT 2001

i just wanted to share my experience with everyone to prevent others from 
going through the problems that i faced in trying to get my win2k machine 
to see the samba shares on my linux box.

basically, i had set up samba correctly and was able to see my linux box on 
window's network neighborhood.  however, i could not see (nor access) the 
samba shares.

for those using ZONEALARM on windows, i made a critical discovery.

in order to see and access the samba shares, you need to do the following:

	1.  open zonealarm
	2.  click on the "security" tab/button
	3.  click on the "advanced" rounded-button
	4.  click on the "add >>" button and select "ip address" from the pop-menu
	5.  enter a name/description and the ip address of your linux box
	6.  if changes don't take effect immediately, restart your machine

once i did the above, i was able to see and access my samba shares.

this might be a good one for the faq.


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