A bug report

Praise praisetazio at tiscalinet.it
Wed Oct 24 15:52:03 GMT 2001

Hi List,

I was using Samba 2.0.7, when I noticed a strange thing:
when mounting samba shares on windows machines, if the window machine crashes 
while I am surfing the mounted FS my linux machine crashes too, completely.

So I updated it to Samba 2.2.1a. I havent checked if this behavior is changed 
yet (I had no time), but I am trying to install a big software package 
(300Mb) via network (I got a Linux Samba PDC). After a while the whole 
network freezes! (and the windows machine freezes too, or course). No ip 
packed is any more sent on the network after that. I got to run "ifconfig 
eth0 down - ifconfig eth0 up" to make it work again. 
This happens all the time.

My network is 10mbit, and during the process of installation gets VERY 
overloaded (lots of collisions). Unfortunately I have not enough money to 
upgrade. However nothing like this happens even if the network is overloaded. 

I am using Suse Kernel 2.4.7, if it is important.


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