Question on printer share comments

Joel Hammer jhammer2 at
Wed Oct 24 12:08:05 GMT 2001

I don't know for sure if this would work but:
You can have multiple names for a printer in your printcap file. Maybe, you
can put a nice long name as one of the names of the printer.
Or maybe, there is a way to put a comment into the printcap file.
On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 01:13:45PM -0500, Steve Snyder wrote:
> I've got this section of my Samba (v2.2.1a, on Linux):
> [printers]
>    comment = Network Printers
>    path = /var/spool/samba
>    create mask = 0700
>    guest ok = Yes
>    print ok = Yes
>    browseable = No
> I have 2 printers attached to my server machine, both of which are working 
> fine.  
> I would like to have more descriptive comments for each printer.  (Comments 
> are current shown as the printer name found in the printcap file, e.g. 
> "lp".)  Is it possible to modify the Comment for a given printer share 
> given that they are not defined individually?
> Thanks.
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