HP-UX 11.0 and Samba 2.2.2 -- anyone successfully compiled?

Ayson, Alison {Info~Palo Alto} ALISON.AYSON at ROCHE.COM
Wed Oct 24 08:25:10 GMT 2001


> Has anyone out there been able to successfully compiled  Samba 2.2.2 on an
> HP-UX 11.0 server (either 64 bit or 32 bit?).  I've tried and keep getting
> errors.  Too many to list.  I've tried both the gcc and HP ANSI C
> compilers...both to no avail.  Just wondering if anyone's been successful.
> I notice that there aren't any binaries available yet.
>   -- Alison Ayson
>      Roche Bioscience

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