smbclient works, smbmount does not

Sascha Sertel SSertel at
Tue Oct 23 15:04:40 GMT 2001

Hi there,

after browsing the mailing list archives for several hour I still couldn't
find an answer to my problem, although it for sure sounds as if many people
posted the same problem. Yet, none of the threads dealing with problems like
these matched my problem, so I have to start a new thread on my own.

This is my system environment:
Linux machine:
- Mandrake Linux 8.1
- samba-2.2.1a (installed from rpm packages that came with my distribution)

Windows machine:
- Windows 2000 SP2
- Member of a domain
- NOT primary domain controller (and I can't make it one, so don't ask me

This is my problem:
I want to access a windows share on the win2k machine with smbmount. I found
out that smbclient works fine, e.g. with this line:
	smbclient //brainless/misc -U BRAINLESS/Administrator -N

With this command I can access the windows share which doesn't have a
password. If I don't give the computer name in front of the username, I get
an access denied error, but with this command it works. Unfortunately, the

	smbmount //brainless/misc /mnt/misc -o
	mount -t smbfs -o username=BRAINLESS/Administrator //brainless/misc

does not work, I always get the ERRnoaccess (Access denied.) message.

I also tried different accounts, other than the admin account on the win2k
machine, and it always works fine with smbclient, but never with smbmount. I
have an entry in my smb.conf so that the workgroup name matches the domain
name of the windows machine (although I don't see what this has to do with
my problem, but I've seen this mentioned before and I want to avoid
questions about this), I also have the smbfs module loaded.

I hope anybody has an idea what is wrong here. If you need more information,
just ask me...

Thanks in advance,

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