changing samba share permissions using windows NT computers

Leong, David David.Leong at
Tue Oct 23 11:55:07 GMT 2001


I am kind of new to the samba set of programs and I have one small question.
Is there a way to setup samba so that Windows NT/2000 machines can change
the file or folder permissions on a samba share? I read in the documentation
that this is possible, but trying the method described in the manual, I
cannot even find a permissions tab when I right click,properties. I am
running samba 2.0.7 at the momment, as well, the box is part of a windows NT

My smb.conf is currrently set by swat as follows:


workgroup = brooks-nawest
security = domain
encrypt passwords = yes
password serv = pdc-nawest
username map = /etc/usermap
os level = 0
local master = no
wins server =
create mask = 0774
directory mask = 0775

path = /data
writeable = Yes

I know that the NT acl support is on true by default but yet, I cannot
change permissions under Winnt



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