2.2.2 swat and shadow

Greg Louis glouis at dynamicro.on.ca
Tue Oct 23 11:16:03 GMT 2001

On Oct. 14 or thereabouts, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> ./configure --with-pam and install the PAM control files
> (/etc/pam.d/samba)

> Or use 2.2.2, the issue with accessing /etc/shadow directly is now
> fixed.

> Andrew Bartlett

I couldn't figure out why 2.2.2 swat worked fine on my samba server
at home and logins all failed on my two samba servers at work.  I
copied swat compiled at home to work and it failed.  I copied swat
compiled at work to home and it performed fine.  After a bit it hit me:
my home machine has no md5 passwords in the shadow file (the accounts
were all created years and years ago and nobody's changed a password
since ;) -- and at work the passwords are all md5.  (I'd been getting
around this by using swat from the last 2.0 we used, which works -- but
the discrepancies are getting pretty noticeable.)

I emplaced a non-md5 password for one of the servers at work, and sure
'nuff, swat could log in as that user.

Is there anything one can do to get 2.2.2 swat to work with md5
passwords and without pam?

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