Samba panic when a user is a member of too many WinNT groups

Laza, Anna lazaa at
Tue Oct 23 09:03:08 GMT 2001


HP-UX 10.20 Samba 2.0.5a

	[2001/05/04 18:00:21, 1] nmbd/nmbd.c:main(684)
	Netbios nameserver version 2.0.5a started.
	[Copyright Andrew Tridgell 1994-1998

User performs following command via a DOS Command Prompt on a PC running
Windows NT 4.00.1381 workstation:
	net use x: \\hostname\username

User receives following message:
	"System error 59 has occurred. An unexpected network error has

Contents of samba.log:

[2001/10/22 14:43:00, 5] rpc_parse/parse_prs.c:prs_uint32(372)
          00fc num_groups2   : 00000066
[2001/10/22 14:43:00, 0] rpc_parse/parse_net.c:net_io_user_info3(1187)
  PANIC: assert failed at rpc_parse/parse_net.c(1187)
[2001/10/22 14:43:00, 0] lib/util.c:smb_panic(2427)
  PANIC: assert failed

What we figure happened is that this particular user is a member of too many
WinNT groups (assuming 66 groups per Samba) and Samba can't handle this...
so it panics.  Fortunately, the Samba services (smbd and nmbd) remain
running without problem.
1.  Is this assumption correct?
2.  For this version of Samba (2.0.5a) what is the "magic number" of
allowable WinNT group memberships before Samba panics?
3.  At what release is this panic fixed?

Thank you kindly, Anna.

Anna Laza
Unix Technical Services
Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd
phone:  (905)823-9060 x2516
fax:  (905)403-7354
e-mail:  lazaa at

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