Storing NT-style permissions as extended attributes?

Eelco Vriezekolk eelco at
Tue Oct 23 08:00:04 GMT 2001


Samba supports ACLs when using an ACL-capable filesystem, such as Ext2 (with 
  proper patches applied) or XFS. This is great, as it makes Samba all the 
more similar to an NT machine.

But there are several bits in the NT security model that do not have an 
equivalent in Ext2/XFS: things like the Take Ownership permission, and 
Delete permission, for example. It would be really nice if Samba did support 
the full range of NT permission bits. One way to do that may be to use NTFS 
as the filesystem instead of Ext2/XFS, but at least on the Linux side NTFS 
support seems to be far from complete.

Would it not be possible to store NT permissions as extended attributes? Is 
anybody working on this?

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