Odd Speed Issue

Steve Goodliff steveg at wwwatt.co.uk
Tue Oct 23 07:46:03 GMT 2001


I have just set up a redhat 7.1 Linux server with a samba-2.2.1a rpm.
Performance through network neighbourhood is very slow. 30sec's + to open
directories, however If we mapped a network drive to a share, the
performance is great. All of the client machines are windows 2000, we also
have a novell server on the same network which is also used for file
sharing. If I can remove this odd speed issue I think the novell server can
be removed. Could the novell server be interfering. Sorry  If this has been
answered time & time again. I've spent some time on this and not got very

Any Suggestions would be most appreciated

Steve Goodliff

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