Please Help...Help...Samba 2.2.2 : Problem in Migrating from NT T o Linux File Server with quota and winbind

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On Sun, 21 Oct 2001, ncc22, Gecis (CAP, GECIS) wrote:

> Problems (Bugs) Faced with Samba 2.2.2 with winbind
> 1. We have installed the samba 2.2.2 with winbind option in Red Hat
> Linux Kernal Version 2.4.2-2 on i686. We joined samba server to domain
> with smbpasswd option successfully. But We are not able to browse the
> share which we have shared from the NT workstations due to high CPU
> Utilization and Mem Utilization on the SAMBA MACHINE (CPU 866 MHz/ RAM
> 128 MB). Winbindd demon is eating the CPU and Memory more than 80 % ,
> when ever we are trying to browse the Samba Service. Please go through
> the logs which are attached in the zip format. Our observation
> regarding this problem is : We have a domain which is trusting to 5
> more domains. When ever we start smbd, nmbd and winbindd daemons the
> smbd daemon starts collecting information from all the domains which
> are in the trusted list of the DOMAIN , in which samba server is
> working as a member server. Can we stop users and group lookups for
> other domains except the domain which samba is member of. Please
> suggest and provide the step by step information to achive our goal.
> 2.

See "allow trusted domains", "winbind enum users", and "winbind enum
groups" in smb.conf(5)

> Request you to please suggest us how to implemnet quota for Domain
> groups on the samba shares with samba 2.2.2. Request you to please
> send us the step by step information regarding the same.

See the quota support in the Linux kernel.  More information can be found

> 3. We tried Security Tab in the NT Explorer but not able to apply
> scurity for users and groups. We don't know whether we will be able to
> apply the security and Auditing and Ownership from NT explorer to a
> samba share. Is this possible if yes, then please guide me how can we
> implement the same.

Acls - yes
Auditing - no
Take ownership - only available when connected as "root"

> 4. We tried quota with EXT2 File system but it reqires the local
> system accounts and groups for applying the quota. How can we
> implement quota with winbindd users and groups which are in NT Domain.
> Please suggest how to go about the same.


> As you have mentioned in the follwing mail that "The current version
> of winbindd shipped in 2.2.2 does have some memory leaks, which will
> be addressed for the next Samba release, so it is advisable to monitor
> the winbind process." Is this is the cause of my problem ? ?Pls
> confirm and reply.

The confirmed problem is memory leaks which require a restructing of the
code to fix.  We are working on this and hope to have it completed
and released soon.

cheers, jerry
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