Problem browsing from Windows Machines (more info)

Scott McLeod scottmcleod at
Tue Oct 23 05:30:19 GMT 2001

Sorry about the missing information yesterday.  I'll recap 
the problem and then fill in all the questions Charles was
kind enough to enumerate.

 Problem:  added a Red Hat/Samba box to a Windows network and
   a new problem started. Windows machines that logged out and
   then back were unable to browse AND unable to map drives.

   The machines that were logged in before Samba booted continue
   to work fine.  We've repeated the experience a couple times to
   make sure we understood the symptoms.

 New Info:

   The Samba box is not a PDC. One of the Windows/NT boxes is the PDC.

   The Samba box is not a WINS server. Again one of the NT boxes is.
   (Possible problem.  I haven't set the WINS server in the smb.conf
    file yet)

   The Samba box is not a DHCP server. One of the NT boxes is.
   The Samba box is also NOT a DHCP client but has a static IP.

I'll continue trying to pinpoint the problem but I was hoping
that if you've seen this problem you could help point me in the
right direction.


Scott McLeod
scottmcleod at

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