nmbd not starting

Ragnar Wisløff ragnar at wisloff.no
Tue Oct 23 05:08:02 GMT 2001

tirsdag 23 oktober 2001 14:00 skrev Joel Hammer:

> This is what I see in linux when I have nmbd running as a stand alone
> daemon with netstat -an | grep 137.
> udp        0      0   *
> There seems to be a process listening to port 137. Could that be
> your inetd? Just for fun, stop inetd and see if you can start nmbd from the
> command line. Or cancel out all references to nmbd in your inetd.conf file
> and restart inetd.

Or use the -p flag to see which process that owns this port

# netstat -pna
udp   0  0*       1231/nmbd   

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