File not found/No permissions problem (Solved)

Denis Sbragion d.sbragion at
Tue Oct 23 01:11:03 GMT 2001


At 12.41 22/10/01 -0500, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> > well, I found a solution for the File not found/No permissions
> > doesn't support kernel oplocks, there was no problem at all.
>This is bogus because if ther kernel doesn't support file leases,
>then "kernel oplocks = yes" shoudl have no effect.  Hmmm...
>Apparently it did though.  I'm curious to know what exactly happened

well, this is what I meant. Sorry for my poor english. With the 2.0.38 
kernel, kernel oplocks are always off even if you set them on. Samba 
(correctly) ignores the setting because the 2.0.38 kernel doesn't support 
kernel oplocks. So with the old kernel I never had the problem described. 
With the newer one (2.4.9), kernel oplocks are on by default, and it took 
me a while to find that kernel oplocks were the cause of the problem. You 
can't just set them off and login again. If there are other clients still 
connected with the old settings the problem persists. You have to stop and 
restart the service. I have been able to do this only yesterday afternoon 
because there was no one in the office working on the server.

>I'll dig through the mailing list archives when I get a chance
>to review this thread.

Thank you. Of course there's no urgency. We have lived without this 
advanced feature for years ;)

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