Error: The file already exists

Luis lmo2000 at
Tue Oct 23 01:01:04 GMT 2001


Since some days my samba server is reporting me the
error "Can't copy the file ********. The file already exists" when i try
to copy a file from one directory and paste it in other inside the same
resource: For example:

+----- subdir1
+----- subdir2
+----- file1.txt
+----- file2.txt

+----- subdir21

If I copy file1.txt and try to paste it on subdir1 or subdir2 I get the error "file alredy exists"
but if I drag & drop it, moving it from one directory to other, there is no problem.

If I copy the file1.txt from resource1 to resource2, all is ok.

I use smbd version 2.2.1a, I never had this problem before.

Where is the problem? Is it a bug or a mistake in the smb.conf file?

Help me please!!!!!.

thank you
Luis <lmo2000 at>

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