Winbind/RH7.1...More Help

Sean Trammell strammell at
Mon Oct 22 14:15:09 GMT 2001

I am not sure if this will help (I have an NT4 domain), but try to run
server manager for domains (srvmgr) and remove your samba server's
computer account from the domain.  After you do that, use the server
manager program to add a computer (on NT4 you would choose 'Windows NT
workstation or server') and supply the appropriate netbios name of your
samba server.  And finally you should execute something like this on the
Redhat system to rejoin the domain (you might want to stop the samba
service before doing this?):

smbpasswd -j YOUR_DOMAIN -r YOUR_PDC

Hopefully you will get a message saying that this was successful,
otherwise check the account in srvmgr.  That works for me.  The winbind
manual now says to supply a -U parameter, but I have never really used
it..  I have always added my system through server manager for domains.

Winston Nimchan wrote:
> My problem seems to be:
> unable to setup the PDC credenntials to machine <Domain Controller>
> It tries to authenticate against each of my domain controllers and fails

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