Browsing problem on the Windows Side

Charles Marcus CharlesM at
Mon Oct 22 12:55:14 GMT 2001

Even though I may not be able to help, I think we'll need more info...

Are you using the Samba box as a PDC?

Is/was there another PDC on the network before you added the Samba box?

Do you have a WINS server on the network?

   If so, was it already there before adding the Samba box, or is the Samba
box itself configured as a/the WINS server?

Is the Samba box a DHCP server also?

Do you have another DHCP server on the network?

Is DHCP configured properly to provide the IP of a functioning WINS server?


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Hi fellow Samba Users,

I've recently added a RedHat/Samba box to a Windows network and
got an unpleasant surprise.  Windows machines that logout and
then log back in are unable to browse AND unable to map drives.

The machines that were logged in before Samba booted continue
to work fine.  We've repeated the experience a couple times to
make sure we understood the symptoms.

I'll continue trying to pinpoint the problem but I was hoping
that if you've seen this problem you could help point me in the
right direction.


Scott McLeod
scottmcleod at

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