How to remotly mount smbfs from a windows m/c

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Thanks for your reply.
the problem with rsh on windows, With the password widows rsh was also
sending the carriage return.
If I substitute a NUL charecter in place of carriage return it works.

And the linux problem of smbmount with password= option,
my password was having meta charecters which was getting eaten by the shell.

Thanks again for the help.


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On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Sajan Sathyan wrote:

> If I use rsh from windows it prompts for password
> c:> rsh linuxmc -l username smbmount //%COMPUTERNAME%/dev   /home/user/dev
> -o username=username,rw 
> it prompts for the password when I enter the password it is also echoed on
> the terminal which does not happen on windows. and  I also get the
> error.

Check that rsh includes everything you send to it as the command (perhaps 
you need to wrap the command in "").

c:> rsh linuxmc -l username echo a b c -o d,e,f
a b c -o d,e,f

> I also have a problem in linux . 
> $ smbmount //$MCNAME/dev $HOME/dev -o
> I get the same error I get with rsh.
> session setup failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
> SMB connection failed
> Is there a way I can supress the password prompting in smbmount.

Giving a password=... option should prevent the prompt. If your password
contains certain characters you may need to escape them to avoid the shell
"eating" them. Chars like $()[] and a few others.

Also, smbmount has a bug with options that contain a ",". if your password
was "my,password" it would only use "my" as the password.

A workaround can be to put it in a "credentials file" on the linux side
(see the smbmount manpage).

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