Winbind/RH7.1...More Help

Sean Trammell strammell at
Mon Oct 22 10:25:02 GMT 2001

users being returned from 'getent' would not be a PAM problem, but a
previous message implied that nsswitch was working:

Winston Nimchan wrote:
> The winbind now getent passwd & groups returns the domain
> users/groups
> What should be the next step? my clients (Win2K & Win9x) are still
> prompting for a password and I cannot login to my linux box using
> DOMAIN*domainuser.

If you post relevant parts of the error log, someone will be able to
give you a better idea of why winbind isn't working.  You might have to
run winbindd at a higher debug level than the default if it is really

David Brodbeck wrote:
> I don't think this is a PAM problem.  'getent' relies on the nsswitch
> mechanism but I don't think it relies on PAM.
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> Tried all the suggestions and still can't see my domain users/groups
> with getent
> secret is good and message has nothing abnormal bout PAM

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